Weight and measures limits

How to calculate the size and weight of your parcels


To ship with SpedireSubito.com is important to respect the weight ranges indicated when selecting shipping. Moreover, it is absolutely forbidden to exceed the limit of 60kg per parcel. In the preparation of the parcel is also important to consider the size, ie the overall volume. So, you need to measure the sides of the parcel and make sure this does not exceed the limits specified below:


Weight limits:

The weight range selected during the booking process must match the real weight of the parcel to be shipped.

The weight of a single paco can not be in any way superior to 60 Kg.


Size Limits:

The longest side of the parcel may not exceed 2 meters.

The sum of the perimeter of the smaller face, with the longer side of the parcel should not exceed 3 meters.

 How to calc the max dimensions of parcel

Limits of the form:

The form of the parcel must be uniform (for example a cube, a parallelepiped or a cylinder) without any overhang.

You must ship parcels that exceed the standard size?

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N.B. Failure to respect the limitations of the weight or the incorrect matching of the weight of the package booked, compared to the real weight that you have sent, will lead the detention of the parcel itself, which will be released only upon payment of a fee of 50.00.

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