How to send a parcel

Guide to shipping parcels in Italy and Europe


Shipping a package with is simple, fast and guaranteed.

Sitting in the comfort of your home or office you can place an order for a shipment with our express couriers with collection from your home or office and track its progress online. Follow these simple steps to ship your parcels all  over Europe, taking advantage of affordable rates – divided into 3 weight/price ranges – with guaranteed delivery.



1Choose between shipping within ITALY or to EUROPE.

From our home page, choose whether to ship in Italy or to Europe, by clicking on the corresponding picture. You will be directed to the appropriate page where you can enter the necessary data to make the shipment.

2Enter the details of the SENDER, the RECIPIENT, the day of COLLECTION, and the number and weight of the parcel to be shipped.

Complete all the fields of the form by inserting the details of the sender (from where the package is to depart) and the recipient (where the package is to arrive), and also specifying the day of collection by our courier. Specify the number and weight of each parcel to be sent – also indicating the contents (please consult the prohibited items list before completing the form). Read and accept the Terms and Conditions for shipping with and then click on the "Pay and Send" [or “Pay and Ship”] to be directed to the PayPal secure payment page.

3Pay securely with PayPal or Credit Card.

Once on the PayPal payment page you can pay securely via a PayPal account or with any of the major international credit cards. Once payment is successfully completed you will be directed to the confirmation page of our site.

4Print and attach the Shipping LABEL to your parcel.

Within 1 hour, once our staff have checked the shipment order, you will receive a confirmation email with an attached file containing a Shipping Label for each parcel in the shipment (in the form of a PDF file). You'll need to print these LABELS and attach them to your parcels to be shipped: one label for each of the parcels in the shipment. If the weights and sizes of the parcels in the shipment differ then the appropriate label for each package should be used. Please remember to pack your goods well, using a sturdy box, packing tape and shock-absorbing material such as polystyrene or bubble wrap. You will not be compensated for any damage caused by improper packaging of the goods to be shipped.

5The courier will collect from the sender’s address on the specified day.

Depending on the day when you booked the shipment you will need to be available throughout the day (from 9.00 to 18.00) at the specified sender’s address. During this time, the courier instructed to collect your parcel is in and around your area to make other collections. When the courier arrives you will have to present the parcel or parcels properly packed (please see the instructions on how to prepare a parcel) and with the appropriate label (waybill) attached to the corresponding parcel. On collection, the package enters our logistics network to be conveyed to the recipient at the destination address.

6The courier will deliver the shipment to the destination address within 24/48h*.

In general, depending on the destination zone, the parcel is delivered between 24 and 48 hours after collection: i.e. the day after the collection or possibly the subsequent day. Our couriers neither collect nor delivery parcels on Saturday and Sunday.
Shipments ordered on a Friday will be made the following Monday. On the day specified for delivery, there must be someone present at the destination address to receive it: the delivery time slot is between 9.00 am and 18.00 pm.

How to shipping a parcel


On the shipping label, in addition to the details of the sender and the recipient, there will a barcode, an alphanumeric code for tracking of the package and the name of the courier collecting the parcel; the tracking code always starts with 1 followed by a series of letters and numbers. Keep this code safe and also write it on the parcel with a marker pen; you will need this code track the parcel at any time. (Click here to read the instructions on how to prepare a parcel for shipment.).

Using company addresses, which are generally open during working days and hence the hours in which couriers make their deliveries (no collection nor delivery on Saturdays and Sundays), facilitates collection and delivery by the said couriers.

The courier is equipped with a Portable Electronic POS with which the label applied to a parcel is scanned and from that moment on the details of your package are stored on our computer systems and will be controllable at all times. Your package, once collected by our courier will be entered in our network for sorting, a network that has hundreds of hubs and thousands of delivery sites throughout Europe.

Always use, if possible, a business address for the delivery: indicate the address of the business or a porter/concierge, and always specify the name and surname of the recipient as it will facilitate the task of the courier and therefore make for faster delivery times.

Upon delivery of the package, after verifying the integrity of the shipment, the recipient must sign the receipt of acceptance of delivery directly on the courier’s Portable Electronic POS. This signature, complete with date and time, is your proof that the delivery of the shipment has been made successfully.

All couriers, on finding no one in on the first delivery attempt, will leave a first delivery attempt notice.

The courier will make two more attempts to deliver in the following two days. During this time, you would have to contact customer support to arrange any change of destination or to arrange for personal collection at one of our distribution centres.

In the event that the delivery has not been successfully made after three delivery attempts, the package will remain in storage for 5 days at the nearest sorting area; after this date, without any instruction that is communicated by the sender or the recipient, the parcel will be returned back to the sender’s address.

The return of the parcel to the sender will be charged at the cost incurred for the return delivery.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any clarification, we will be happy to answer all your questions.

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