How to prepare a parcel for shipment

Guide to preparing parcels for shipment.


Proper packing of your goods and parcels is the best guarantee that they will reach their destinations intact!

Here are some important tips on how to pack a parcel to prevent breakage and ensure a problem free shipment.

 The most important element of a shipment is the CARDBOARD BOX along with the careful adherence to a few simple packaging rules:

Prepare a parcel for shipment


The cardboard must be intact, solid, without tears, scratches or holes of any kind.


1 – Integrity of the goods: a sturdy and clean cardboard box will best protect your goods. When the parcel is delivered the receiver will be able to visually verify the treatment your package has undergone during shipment! If the delivered box is all shabby then you will have good grounds for complaint, but not if the package started its journey in such a state!

2 - Refusal of a parcel: a box that is not totally intact on collection may lead to the courier refusing the shipment, or even worse to theft from the parcel in transit, for which compensation from the insurance could not be made since the package was already compromised prior to shipment!



Cardboard boxes are fine for the transport of goods that are not particularly fragile. When shipping goods that are fragile, you should create an inner layer with packaging material such as polystyrene or bubble wrap, ensuring that there are no air gaps, such that the goods inside do not move around in transit.



Parcels should be sealed with good quality adhesive wrapping tape. Ensure that the package is difficult to open by putting the adhesive tape on all ends of the packaging and on all the joints;



Do not have anything protruding from the parcel. COURIERS often do not accept parcels with protruding edges to avoid loading problems. Furthermore, the goods inside the package will be liable to damage, since the protruding part is exposed to shocks or pressure and is not fully protected by the cardboard box;



Delete all of the existing labels or any that are not part of the shipment, especially since writing or spurious barcodes can mislead the COURIER. In every event, leave at least one free and clean side of the package on which to apply the new labels for your shipment. Remove therefore any reference that is not inherent to the shipment. Avoid using wrapping paper to cover the box, as it may come off taking the shipping labels with it. You could possibly completely wrap the package with brown wrapping tape or with a transparent plastic shipping wrap.

how to prepare a parcel for shipment

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