Courrier shipping for italy and europe provides an online service for the shipment of parcels and packages through collaboration with the leading national and international express courier services in Italy and Europe. is an efficient and dynamic service with a staff of logistics and information technology professionals, with decades of experience working in the express shipments market, who ensure the quality and reliability of the service.


Our Mission:

To completely meet the needs of our customers by supporting them in the management of their shipments, from the simple to the most complex, and to make those shipments to any part of Italy and Europe with the appropriate means and in the shortest time possible.


Our Values:

Honesty, Respect, Courtesy, Reliability.


In following these values, our staff are committed on a daily basis to serve the real needs of the customer and the quality of our service by creating added value that has as its sole purpose the total satisfaction of those who depend on our service.

At we carry out our work with the utmost professionalism and competence

Our accumulated experience with customers in recent years and daily feedback from our customers confirm this, but we are never content to lie on our laurels but continue to increase our efforts to ensure excellence in everything we do.

Our values help us to develop a chain of trust with our couriers and or clients and we are confident that once you start using our services you will always have a positive impression of us. offers a personalised shipping management solution, supported by an effective network of couriers, that efficiently manages the flow of goods, payments and supporting documents such as to minimise costs to our clients. specialises in the shipment of parcels and envelopes to destinations in Italy and Europe. Our shipping tariffs are clear and affordable and include pickup from your address with the express parcel delivery normally taking place within 48 working hours. In using you will be taking advantage of the best rates provided by our partner couriers on the strength of the number of parcels we ship.


Your advantages in choosing as your shipment service of choice are:

illustrazione del mondo con pacchi e scatole

icona true Ease of Use.

icona true Constant monitoring of shipments.

icona true Fast delivery times.

icona true Affordable and clear prices.

icona true Guaranteed Delivery.

icona true Reliability and security of our service.

icona true Timely and effective assistance.


Thanks to a logistics system based on the most modern web systems for the management and delivery of packages, we guarantee the best transportation services for documents and parcels throughout Italy and Europe.

If you choose to use ourservice we will show you that it is the most economical, efficient and effective service available either on or off the web.

Shipping envelopes and packages in Italy and Europe, is now easier, faster, and guaranteed with!